Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strata Title Act (Amendment 2007)

Recently there is a lot of "hu ha" about the amendment to the Strata Title Act to be implemented next year. A lot of my client ask me whether I know about the amendment will be implemented next year and what is the content of the amendment. Honestly speaking, I don't know about what will be amend and what will the impact will be. My personal opinion is to not to amend anything until at least 2017. Why ? The amendment of 2007 is still being implemented by stages until now and the full impact of the amendment back in 2007 is not felt yet entirely across the industry. The introduction of land parcel and various amendment back in 2007 is a bit of a rush and now perfectly written. However there is room for improvement but please not next year (Maybe election is coming next year so wont be time for it).

The announcement by our good Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Wira Chor Chee Heung on the amendment next year really trigger the shock and anxiety for all the people involved in strata development.
You can read by in my previous post here :-

Back to the amendment in 2007 (Act A1290), I had a copy of the amendment document in my computer that I thought had share with all of you, but a check in my blog reveals that no post is about the amendment. So here is the copy of amendment in pdf form.

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